product-nr1-400pxNR Coiffeur Exclusive

The unique formulation of NR has its roots which dates back to 1850s, more than two centuries ago, from a specialised hair care and cosmetic products invented by a German doctor by the name of Dr Dralle.

NR products are based on a balanced amalgamation of Nature & Research, to provide answers for specialised needs of different hair conditions.

Since the establishment of the brand in Indonesia, NR has become top of mind brand in the professional hair care industry, providing hairstylists throughout the archipelago with hair tonic, cream baths, styling and form products to aid in not only creating beautiful hair cuts and styles, but most importantly, in caring and maintaining healthy strong hair.



NR Kur

KUR means ‘treatment’ , or a place for rest and restoration for rejuvenation. Our Kur range of products will take your hair through the journey of rest, restoration and rejuvenation.



NR Take Off

Styling product for salon professional more creative on creating customer hair.




NR Softline Perm Lotion

A cold perm system to create permanent curls and waves for different hair conditions.

NR Softline Silky Smooth

Smoothing system with keratin treatment formulated for professional hair to straightening hair so hair looks natural, strong and healthy.


Professional hair color formulated and manufactured in Germany with Argan oil, Collagen and Fustech.