We believe at the centre of every Company’s success is its people and its values.

We are a diversified family Company with pharmaceutical as well as personal care products, we embrace diversity.

We know that every new formulation, innovation, every product we have designed for the well-being of people, came from the ideas of the well diversified, competent teams of individuals who shares the same values of commitment.

We endeavor for continuous improvements in providing a working environment which encourages the pursue of our goals according to our values.

We are committed to equal opportunity and fair treatment of all in the workplace and the creation of opportunities for all.

Job vacancy will be updated and posted on a regular basis; kindly email resumes to; or our contact addresses, kindly attention all mails to HR Department.

This position is responsible for the overall strategic direction and guidance of the company’s quality and compliance policies and systems. This position will also lead in acitivies to establish technical transfer and commercialization, and audit of third party manufacturing services for compliance according to GMP.

This position will be analyse and design quality policies include establishing and monitoring effective compliance programs in the GMP areas as well as other quality and compliance programs influencing the business and strategic operations. This position will report directly to Board of Directors.

Minimum experience of 15 years in leading a team and management of Quality Operation, or, 7 years as Quality Operation Director. English written and verbal is a requirement.

This position is responsible for the direction, strategy, planning and execution for the company’s manufacturing operations.  Lead employees and hands on operation of the company’s manufacturing function, whether in house or sub contracted, creating good work ethics, conducive environment for high performing team.  This position takes an active role in ensuring that manufacturing capabilities meets or exceed industry requirements, customer requirements for cost, quality and responsiveness

This position will report directly to Board of Directors

Minimum experience of 8 years as Director in pharmaceutical manufacturing or  15 years as Senior Manager in Production. English written and verbal is prerequisite.